Sunday, May 20, 2007


On CBC Radio Ottawa (91.5FM)

On Tuesday morning (May 22nd, 2007) at 6:05am EST, I will be on CBC Radio Ottawa with a live interview.  I was interviewed at the finish line last Saturday seconds after dismounting for the final time as a Tour d'Afrique rider and was on CBC Radio last week.  They decided to have me back for a live interview.  If you're not in Ottawa, I understand you can tune in over the internet through  I hope you can tune in!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007



A quick celebration at the finish line before entering the finish ceremony. I have to be honest, feeling pretty happy at this point!

A rough picture of the group at the finish ceremony; I'll hopefully post a non-shadowed one soon. Of the 32 riders that started in Cairo, 10 of us ended up E.F.I.

I have officially joined the exclusive E.F.I. club for having cycled "Every F.....abulous Inch" from Cairo to Cape Town. I only have a minute at this computer and there are a great deal of thoughts floating around in my head. I will have to expand on these after some more digestion.

The cycling is finished for now, but the journey never really ends!

Monday, May 07, 2007


Cape Town just around the bend!

I am currently in Springbok, South Africa with five days in the saddle between me and Cape Town. I am so excited to see the ocean again, but sad that my simple daily existance involving two wheels and a bowl of porridge is coming to an end.

The riding is finally getting more hilly, the scenery is beautiful, the bike is still running and my legs still working.

Bring on the salt water!

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