Sunday, December 24, 2006


Promotion of Cycling in Canada and Happy Holidays!

For those in Canada reading this, take a look at this link:  Though these solutions may not address the most pertinent issues that prevent more people from using a bicycle to commute to work, it does raise awareness for the bicycle as a commuting tool.  Though the entire document is a little long, there is a summary at the bottom of the page (i.e. the actual petition statement).  Give it a sign if you agree with its statement.


Happy holidays!  All the best for a fun, active, adventurous and healthy 2007!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Ottawa Outdoors Magazine spreads word of The Tour

For those in the National Capital area, you can pick-up your FREE copy of Ottawa Outdoors magazine (Check out their site at at a number of locations around the region (including Bushtukah of course!). If you flip to page 35 you will find a great write-up previewing what is to come. They have highlighted a great picture taken by female winner Joan Lowrens during last year's tour of some of the tough riding conditions I will face. What a great picture Joan!

I have been continuing on the preparations, running between embassies to make sure I have all of my visas valid during the proper times, making sure I have enough resources to keep my digital camera happily snapping away en route, and of course continuing to acquire more and more bike parts. I am prepared to mangle and pulverize a good deal of metal.

I have also prepared the most important piece of my bike set-up: my new stem-mounted motivational message. It formerly read: "PUSH! Come Monday you will wish you had!!" This was a great reminder during races that no matter how good/bad I was feeling, how far in front/far behind we were, or how stuffed/starving I was, I was always able to push harder. This creates a very satisfying, yet stiff feeling at work on Monday morning. In so many ways this is not appropriate for this tour, so it now reads: "Remember: You're in AFRICA!!! Enjoy it!" Even the most spectacular journeys have their down moments. This is a good way to remind myself that this is a very special experience and this reminder will bring smiles to my hardships.

Less than one month to go before my January 8th departure!

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